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"When God Becomes Sufficient For Us" 

When God finally becomes our sufficiency and our security nothing is ever really lost & we can rest our souls in His Perfect Will....❤🙏

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.(2 Cor 12:9)

Have you ever struggled in trusting God's will? Trusting His Perfect will is not easy but with time you realize that He never dissapoints.He knows the beginning and the end.He knows the desires of our hearts.He knows what will be the end result and HE will do everything He can to SAVE US.He knows our personal issues and struggles and He REMOVES the wrong people from our lives while providing the right people to help build us up in the lord and restore us into what He intends us to be.Leading us into His original plan and purpose before we were even created in the womb.

What a thoughtful God we serve and it is an amazing thought that HE CARES so much for us since before we were in the WOMB! He cares about our feelings, our concerns, our fears etc...He counts our TEARS IN A BOTTLE And.His Love casts out all our fears, insecurities as we run to Him we will always find REST.

The problem with most of us in our humanity is relying on "human love" but "human love" cannot fulfill the true longing of our hearts that only God can fulfill.Gods love is DIVINE and only HE alone can fill the voids no other can fill.This is why when we experience the LOVE OF GOD through others it is a MIRACLE in itself.We feel SAFE, HEARD, SECURED, CHERIHED, UNAFRAID BECAUSE HIS LOVE IS MANIFESTED IN THE HEART OF HIS HUMBLE CHILDREN.IT DERIVES FROM A SURRENDERED & CHANGED HEART that as learned DAILY FORGIVENESS through God UNMERITED GRACE.

True Love which comes from God alone cannot originate from an unconverted heart because it is Holy.This love is heavenly and u will know the difference as it will inspire you to go even deeper with God.It will draw you closer to Him and eachother.

As human beings we love the best way we know how or how we were taught but when we learn of Jesus He teaches us what real sacrificial love looks like.It is patient and kind not selfish.It delights not in EVIL but in TRUTH.It is not a feeling but a principle. While it is true that we will not always love correctly or say things perfectly one thing that is true is that we are called to Grow in His love first and as we MATURE IN HIS LOVE our LOVE for others will naturally Grow.

Dear Lord, Help us to Grow deeper in your Love

Remove all fears, insecurities and doubt from our lives.Help us to trust in your plans and purpose and helps that love you place in our hearts radiate into this dark world as a light to guide others to their SALVATION. In Jesus Name Amen!

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