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Vulnerability (A Gift or Curse?)

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

things we can only share with God alone.

Have you ever felt alone in a crowded place? So it became a safer place to remain isolated because maybe only then you would not risk anymore heartbreaks or dissapointment?

Church is supposed to be a safe place.Brethren and friends are suppossed to be the very first people that cover us not condemn us and vice versa but too often I have found over & over that there is a spirit of criticism and gossip that has made our hearts cold and our eyes blind to see others and even ourselves as God does.

We hear stuff like..."Wow remember that brother hes no longer in Ministry because he fell back into drugs!" Did you know that? Or stuff like..."Wow remember that pastor who preached with so much power?" He had an affair with the secretary of the church and so on...

There is a manner of love in which Jesus always spoke to others.Here is what it says in Gospel Workers By Ellen White.

Manner of Labor

The Saviour's Example

Jesus never suppressed one word of the truth; but he uttered it always in love. He exercised the greatest tact, and thoughtful, kind attention in his intercourse with the people. He was never rude, never needlessly spoke a severe word, never gave needless pain to a sensitive soul. He did not censure human weakness. He fearlessly denounced hypocrisy, unbelief, and iniquity, but tears were in his voice as he uttered his scathing rebukes. He wept over Jerusalem, the city he loved, that refused to receive him, the way, the truth, and the life. They had rejected him, the Saviour; but he regarded them with pitying tenderness, and sorrow so deep that it broke his heart. His life was one of self-denial and thoughtful care for others. He never made truth cruel, but manifested a wonderful tenderness for humanity. Every soul was precious in his eyes. He always bore himself with divine dignity; yet he bowed with the tenderest compassion and regard to every member of the family of God. He saw in all, fallen souls whom it was his mission to save. GW92 391.3

O, how many fail through acting out their own peculiar temperament! They arouse in others a spirit of antagonism, and the worst feelings of opposition and enmity. As workers for Christ, we want sanctified tact. Study to be skillful when there are no rules to meet the case. Win hearts, not repulse them. In this kind of work more than in any other that can be undertaken, you need wisdom from above. Many souls have been turned in the wrong direction, and thus lost to the cause of God, by want of skill and wisdom in the worker. Tact, wisdom, and good judgment in the laborer in the cause of God increase his usefulness a hundredfold. If he can only speak the right words at the right time, and manifest the right spirit, it will exert a melting power on the heart of the needy one. GW92 392.1


Vulnerability takes courage and as Christian's we are called to carry each others burdens and encourage eachother in the Faith.Speak life not destruction.Meet others where they are and remind them they can come broken before the throne of God because Psalms tells us He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.We have a Healer a caring father who counts our tears in a bottle.One who says His power is made perfect in our weakness.

Jesus character will never gossip, ridicule, betray or condemn.He is our defender.A God of second chances.A God who redeems and restores whars been broken.Satan calls us by our sins God calls us by our names.He hates the sin not the sinner because He knows sin leads to death.

God loves us so much He send His only begotten son for whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.If you can relate to what you just read please say this prayer outloud.

Father, Thank you that we can be 100% vulnerable with you and know that your power is made perfect in our weakness.Thank you for your holy spirit that comforts us.Thank you for the gift of vulnerability help us to bbn know what to share, when to share it, how to share it and with whom for your Glory Lord.Protect our hearts and heal is completely where we have been broken so that we dont hurt others.In Jesus name we pray Amen.

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