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The Gift of Time 🙏♥️📖 (Psalms 90:12)

Psalm 90:12

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Life is so fragile.I realize in human mental capacity our understanding can be so limited Only God can give us a supernatural understanding & a much deeper understanding of the significance of Time!

The significance of moments, little gestures & unity regardless of differences& those priceless little moments we could have been loving one another but we chose to fight with eachother instead or simply get in our selfish feelings or rage over past differences or simply ignore the deep-rooted issues that layer rampant in our hearts for years. As a result, an unforgiving and bitter heart who only sees the negative in everything and everyone but themselves.

We as humans, we get so easily offended.So easily distracted with the wrong things that we fail to see the most important things in life! We miss important lessons until it is too late! We focus so much in condemning one another that we forget how to truly love eachother! From God’s standpoint, it is so much different! His love never fails. He sees us beyond our sin or imperfections. His Words are life not death. It can be easy to use our tongues to curse others not bless them. To use labels, stereotypes and bully others even as adults who have not matured but this only reveals how much more we need God to give us His heart. If others bully you or if you are the one bullying others it is arising from personal issues of our own heart. The Spirit of Christ does not operate in this manner.The Spirit of Christ will never speak death only life..

Some of us think we have time. We think that it’s okay to be upset at people because we still have time. For instance, family differences exist because we think we still have tomorrow to reconcile but the truth is that tomorrow may never come.We have all made mistakes yet often lack compassion and grace. So glad I told my mom I was very sorry for anything I may have put her through and told her I loved her. She hugged me back and got emotional and said I love you too! My mother saw me as Christ did. God is wrath but He is also grace. If all we do is scold one another where is the Love? God’s Love does not operate in such a way that it leads to hopelessness and discouragement! True love sees as God sees and will always edify and inspire us to grow deeper in Him.

Psalm 90:12

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Often times, as human beings we are so judgmental. We define others based on their defects of character but that is not what God sees in us. He sees the holiness of Christ. Through His righteousness we can be holy and even when we ourselves fall or see others fail rather than scold others or take upon a condemning spirit we are called to pray and fast for them .. Satan wants us to fight with eachother but God wants us to fight for each other through prayer. We are a joke to the enemy when we are led by negative emotions but God perfects His power in our weaknesses when we surrender our will to Him. He can perfect His love in our hearts and Humble us in the process. He can use us if we die to self and let Him reign. If only we would trust Him..,

The true struggle within us, is trusting Him. It is a lack of Faith issue. As humans, we trust others more than we trust Him which is ironic because humans fail but God never fails even when we think He does. He can watch us fall daily and He hurts but He never gives up! He can tolerate rebellion, rejection, ignorance, immaturity, hate and neglect as well as death for us but someone screams at us and calls us names and we cry in our homes or churches because someone gave us a dirty look or they didn’t say hello! We need Jesus so much to grow us to be more like Christ! But it takes battles with self and earnest prayer to get there.

Daily surrender, humility and an intimate relationship with Christ are so needed! Only by abiding in the Vine will we be fruitful as we walk in the Spirit. Without Him we can do nothing. (John 15:5) It can be easy to look away and get distracted with negative people and current trials or circumstances but it takes courage to do what is truly right in Gods eyes even when others wrong us we must respond as Christ. May He help us have new victories and overcome because time is a gift that should never be taken for granted. Every second, minute, hour counts.

Life is full of small moments leading up to bigger moments that will either be full of peace or regret and chaos! Live your life in such a way that the day the Lord decides to take us to rest we know we have made our election sure. We have made peace with others especially God.Many have passed away for many different reasons and have already made their election sure. We that are still alive need to examine our hearts daily and make sure we are right with God. Tomorrow may never come to say I am sorry for not loving or respecting you the way I should have.

Dear Father, thank you for never giving up on us even in those moments where we have been tempted to give up on ourselves or others.Thank you for loving us so much that you gave your son to die for us. Thank you that you encourage us through your Word and remind us that all things are possible through you. If you can use a man named Saul who was a murderer of Christians and change his name to Paul giving him a new heart and making him one of your greatest disciples and using him to write 13 books of the Bible led by the Holy Spirit why wouldn’t you use us? You can turn a mess into a messege, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph and take a victim into brand new victories! Thank you that you don’t see through human perspective and human eyes but you see who we can become through you and for you. You are amazing Lord! So greatful for your unconditional and unfailing love that has the power to convict us to change for the better! Please help your people Lord we need you so much. Protect us from those who do not help us grow but give us your heart to speak life in dead situations. Help us value the gift of time so much that we use our time to build on eternal things and not the temporal. Remove any hatred, unforgiveness, anger, malice and evilness from our hearts. We need a heart transplant as soon as possible! May we and our families be saved until Jesus comes in the clouds, in Jesus name we pray Amen! ♥️

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