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"The 33 Mile Hike in Havasupai Falls that changed my life While Recovering after an injury!" 

Here my sister Esmeralda & I went on a hike with a group of friends to train for the 33 Mile Hike we would be doing in Arizona "Havasupai Falls" Yet, we did not train enough only one or two times.

I have always been into health & fitness.I used to go to the gym everyday but in 2006, I was injured at work and I had 5 disc bulge.Three on the back of my neck and two in my lower back.I did not completely realize I had been injured I thought I had simply pulled a muscle but I remember having second thoughts and mentioned it to my supervisor Mona just incase of anything but I continued working.The job was physical and it only got worse.The next morning I couldn't get up.

It turned out my back was inflamated and to top it off I had an infection in my throat from the dust in the warehouse.Everytime, I would cough I felt like someone was stabbing my back and I would cry from the enormous pain.During this time, they found that I also had Spondylolisthesis Grade A or I.One in a hundred babies are born with this yearly!

Spondylolisthesis is a condition in which one bone in your back (vertebra) slides forward over the bone below it. ... This can cause back pain and numbness or weakness in one or both legs and because of the back injury it made it worse and it would not allow me to exercise as much but then the Lord helped me recover and after some time of going to therapy and sessions with a Chiropractic Dr. I was able to exercise again.

I was able to travel to Mexico for a month.I was able to reach the top of one of the highest pyramids there.Some couple years after, I also went to Arizona on a 33 mile weekend hike and stay to "Havasupai Falls" with heavy backpacks where we camped out with a group of youth. We crossed rivers & took alot of risks that weekend but survived with God's help.At one point, one of our friends almost dehydrated and we were rescued by a helicopter.

Pyramid in Mexico called Pyramides El Sol

"Havasupai Falls in Arizona"

I still remember being in pain the next day during the hike in Arizona because I did not train enough I was walking like a duck.The funniest memories were when my sister and I decided to massage eachother which only worsened our pain.Yet, God pulled my sister Esmeralda Venegas Aguilar and I through it and it was an unforgettable experience! We were non-stop hikers regardless of the challenges we never gave up.

Being able to sleep in a tent near one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen while it was sprinkling! Crossing rivers, hiking in a spot that reminded me of a scene in Jurrasic Park! Hiking almost 33 miles the whole weekend, not being able to swim yet still facing my fears and jumping in that deep water with the help of my friends, unexpectedly doing a little rock climbing because we were lost and went the wrong way, getting up early to head back home in the dark while it was early enough. trying to not make noise nor atrack any animals with our flashlights

While trying to make it home because the main ones guiding the hike left us behind and being blessed enough that our friend knew how to head back.The very same friend who almost got dehydrated! We asked a native American man if he can bring a horse while in my head I prayed to God for a helicopter and God answered my prayer and my experience for the first time in a helicopter was under these circumstances but thankfully our friend was safe and we were able to give him water etc...

I share this to say; God has shown me nothing is impossible when we really set our minds to it and trust God with the rest! I honestly never knew that my body could keep up with all that but in Christ we have the strength to do the impossible! Our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health should be a #1 Priority! It is proven, that Exercise fights depression and gives you energy! It is a sin to not take care of our temples.I am guilty of it but change cannot happen without action.We cannot just dream of a better life we must strive for a better life that honors God!

Apostle Paul said, "I Can Do All Things Through Christ who gives me strength." Phillipians 4:13



A lizard we found while crossing rivers.I used to play with the little ones when I was younger.My friends didn't know that when you rub on their tummy they love it and start falling asleep.Some of them pretend to fall asleep though and when you least expect it they run.This one was enjoying it so much it didn't want to leave my hands.I see this as an object lesson! Lizards can run really fast on their hind legs.No obstacle is to great we cannot accomplish our health goals if God is the one who gives us the power!

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