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Seven Reasons we feel lost (Ezekiel 34:16)

Sometimes we feel lost because we ignored everything God revealed the first time He spoke in our Spirit.

We ignored every warning sign, every red flag 🚩 every time He said no do not enter in that door 🚪 go this way not that way and we ignored His voice and God never leaves us alone but He allows us to make our own choices and it hurts Him as a loving Father because He can see the end from the beginning!

Sometimes we feel lost because often times we make more choices based on our own thoughts & emotions than guided by the Holy Spirit

He who created us knows what is best but we somehow forget that because we get caught up in emotionalism.Meaning we are spending more time in our emotions and own thoughts than in His Word learning of His true character & His deep desire for our lives. Everything has a purpose. What we choose to think on or do daily can seem small but it creates habit as it reconstructs and builds into something bigger than will create patterns and affect the outcome of our future. Bad habits can become a part of our character and although they do not in anyway define us just like sin they can be overcome with Gods help!

Sometimes we feel lost because we are only listening to our own voice or others voices more than Gods voice.

We walk with God daily but whenever we have a downfall or make a mistake and we hear others condemn us that voice gets louder and louder in our ears and we allow it to oppress us and conflict with Gods Spirit.The voices of condemnation will always bring hopelessness and discouragement and they are used by the enemy to create doubt, fear and depression. They are there to put us down vs. edify and build us up in the Lord. We must learn the different voices that speak to us in our lives and recognize the different spirits behind the voices that speak. Because when we receive the lies of the enemy through other sources like media etc or other people we are being deceived as Adam and Eve when they believed the lies of the serpent. When we do not trust Gods Word we deceive ourselves. God does not lie and His words are true.

Sometimes we feel lost because we believe the lies of the enemy through other sources or people more than Gods truth revealed in His Word!

When Jesus died and ressurected he told his disciples that he had to leave but he would leave the comforter behind to guide them in life and sharing the good news before his second coming! He was referring to the Holy Spirit. Ever feel like something is not right in your spirit? Then you discover in time that this thing that didn’t sit right in your Spirit indeed was confirmed and it was Gods way of showing you something to either protect you or reveal something of a person you needed to pray for? Sometimes God will even use the Holy Spirit to lead you toward and through a hard trial to mold your character using people and situations to reveal what’s inside your own heart that needs to be uprooted. ❤️

Sometimes we feel lost when we disconnect from His Word.

The most important relationship we can have is with God. When our relationship with God is strong we can have healthier and stronger relationships with others in our family including our enemies. The only way Gods voice can become stronger and louder is when we remain in His Word. When we learn to conquer and have self-control over our emotions vs. the lies of the enemy and when we hear something spoken into our lives even our own voice and it does not match the Word of God we need to reject what is not of God and stop allowing it to define us or what God is saying and doing.

Sometimes we feel lost because we feel like God has abandoned us or disconnected the way other humans have and given up on us!

Satans job from the beginning has always been to distort the character of God. He will use anything including situations of those closest to us speaking condemning words or those turning their back on us to make us believe this is God doing this to us through them.When we learn Gods character through His Word we will discover that God is nothing like humans. His Word tells us He will never leave us nor forsake us. His love never fails. Our parents may even abandon us but He will never leave us like orphans.God loves us so much he send his son Jesus Christ to die for us so we can have eternal life! No, no and no God never gives up on His children even when others do. Philippians 1:6 says He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it in you and Galatians 6:9 says that we should not grow weary in doing good because in due time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. If God was giving up on us why would He ask his kids not to give up? You see how using scriptures to compare with the lies of the enemy can empower us to trust Him more?

Sometimes we feel lost because we have not put on the whole armor of God and learned to cast down every imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

Ehesians 6:12-14 reminds us that we are in a spiritual war and we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities in high places.

When we are on guard considering that verse we will need to ask God for wisdom on not being impulsive in our reactions whenever we are caught in difficult challenges because what developes our character is how we choose to respond. If we want to abide in Him we must study the way christ responded in every circumstance, trial and challenge and learn from Him. John 15:5 tells us He is the vine we are the branches of we remain in Him and Him in us we will bear much fruit without Him we can do nothing. The way we cast down imaginations that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God is not just recognizing the lies or the spirit behind them but rejecting it by not giving in to it. Not getting so upset and giving in to an unnecessary argument or getting so mad we speak words we shouldn’t speak and hurt eachother. The greatest challenge is self-control in every area of our lives once we conquer this with Gods help we are starting to mature in Christ and He will take us from Glory to Glory!

Dear Father, forgive us for those times we listen more to ourselves and others than you. thanks for revealing the things that sometimes cause us to feel lost but most of all thank you for your word that reminds us what is truly the truth and encourages us to trust in you and your promises! May your voice become clearer and louder in our lives as we learn how to abide in you and have an obedient Spirit nomatter how hard that may be. Help us be ready for Jesus second coming and help us to be stronger in our walk & have stronger discernment in Jesus name amen! ♥️

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