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"Is True Love a Feeling or a Principle?"

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

True Love is not a feeling but a principle. E.G.W ❤️💜💙

True Love will always stand firm even when the storms come against it to try to drown it.True love will survive in the deepest oceans & in the most challenging moments.Trials or afflictions to only get stronger & wiser! When Love is founded on the Rock who is Jesus Christ, who is the expression of true love itself, all things that seemed impossible will be made possible! True Love goes deeper than the emotions we experience from time to time which come and go! True love will experience good & bad seasons for the purpose of growth & the molding of our characters for heaven!The purpose of relationships is to draw us nearer and nearer to God & eachother!

Relationships help us see ourselves & reveal the condition of our hearts.Our hearts can be evil, prideful, selfish, stubborn and unforgiving...God reminds us, true love is Him. It's a daily surrender to our will & to self, a sacrifize, a willingness to serve in humility putting others before ourselves. It is daily forgiveness, overlooking an offense & covers a multitude of sins with a daily portion of Gods grace.It is long-suffering, patient, kind, faithful, loyal & loving! True love honors, never gives up, never fails & has the power to inspire people to change! This gift comes from God alone who is true love & created it Himself.Our foundation is in Him without Him we cannot do nothing!

"I am the vine, you are the branches , if you remain in me and I in you you will bear much fruit without me you can do nothing." John 15:5

1 John 4:8 Says" He who does not love does not know God for God is love & James 1:17 Says:"All good & perfect gifts come from the Lord above who does not change like shifting shadows."

We can learn to love by abiding in Him daily!Iif we choose not to abide in Him we are choosing our own will which will never work out the perfect plan God intended for your marriage. We can destroy or cultivate love depending on our daily surrender to God. God has been speaking to me about really understanding what Love is, where it comes from & how to abide in it.There are many people today who no longer take true love and marriage seriously.The divorce rate is so high especially in the christian community! True Love vows are n longer taken to God and the marriage that was to Glorify God begins to look to self and slowly die...Are you in a situation like that now? Unloved, disrespected, not cherished in your marriage? Most of the time this is the outcome of choosing our mate and not allowoing God to choose or sometimes it is when either or one of you looks away from God and He is not longer the center! It is never too late...God can restore what has been broken and He is just a prayer away! If you need prayer email, comment or subscribe! I will include you in my prayer list! God Bless you!

Love is a precious gift, which we receive from Jesus. Pure and holy affection is not a feeling, but a principle. Those who are actuated by true love are neither unreasonable nor blind.There is but little real, genuine, devoted, pure love. This precious article is very rare. Passion is termed love.True love is a high and holy principle, altogether different in character from that love which is awakened by impulse, and which suddenly dies when severely tested.

Love is a plant of heavenly growth, and it must be fostered and nourished. Affectionate hearts, truthful, loving words, will make happy families and exert an elevating influence upon all who come within the sphere of their influence.True Love Versus Passion—Love ... is not unreasonable; it is not blind. It is pure and holy. But the passion of the natural heart is another thing altogether. While pure love will take God into all its plans, and will be in perfect harmony with the Spirit of God, passion will be headstrong, rash, unreasonable, defiant of all restraint, and will make the object of its choice an idol. In all the deportment of one who possesses true love, the grace of God will be shown. Modesty, simplicity, sincerity, morality, and religion will characterize every step toward an alliance in marriage. Those who are thus controlled will not be absorbed in each other's society, at a loss of interest in the prayer meeting and the religious service. Their fervor for the truth will not die on account of the neglect of the opportunities and privileges that God has graciously given to them.That love which has no better foundation than mere sensual gratification will be headstrong, blind, and uncontrollable. Honor, truth, and every noble, elevated power of the mind are brought under the slavery of passions. The man who is bound in the chains of this infatuation is too often deaf to the voice of reason and conscience; neither argument nor entreaty can lead him to see the folly of his course.True love is not a strong, fiery, impetuous passion. On the contrary, it is calm and deep in its nature. It looks beyond mere externals, and is attracted by qualities alone. It is wise and discriminating, and its devotion is real and abiding. Love, lifted out of the realm of passion and impulse, becomes spiritualized, and is revealed in words and acts. A Christian must have a sanctified tenderness and love in which there is no impatience or fretfulness; the rude, harsh manners must be softened by the grace of Christ.

(Adventist Home Ch.7 By Ellen G. White)

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