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My Testimony on "How I Reversed My Pre-Diabetes" (Join My 30 Day Raw Vegan Fast June 10th-July 10th)

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

"Everything you eat or drink and everything you do, do it for the Glory of God."

~1 Corinthians 10:31

The picture below shows "The Eight Biblical Laws Of Health" which are so effective in living your best & healthiest lifestyle!

My personal Story:

The first time I decided to become a vegan it was because my Seventh Day Adventist best friend Gloria Lopez shared the health messege with me found in the Bible.

"Then God said, 'Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you." ~ Genesis 1:29.

I did a fast and colon cleanse with her and became a vegan for two years.The book she recommended is called "Ministry Of Healing" By one of my favorite authors Ellen G. White.

When I transitioned to being vegan it was the healthiest years of my life as I applied and implemented the 8 laws of health into my new lifestyle.During this time I became passionate in introducing this health messege to everyone I knew especially my mom, my sister Esmeralda and my ex- fiance at the time.I began to experience a sharper mind, clearer vision and more energy than before.Sadly, I went through financial hardship and from lack of knowledge I fell back into my old bad habits & old lifestyle of eating.This was the worst years of my life.I felt fatter, sluggish, lost of energy and unmotivated.Soon after that we recieved the worst news!

Our mom had a tumor in her left kidney that was advanced and malignant.Doctors removed it during surgery successfully so that it would not spread all over her body.She survived by God's Grace.It was the toughest season for my mom Maria and family as it was a trying moment of our Faith.It became confusing and blurry for me because Dr.s would say one thing and Natural pathetic Drs would say another.I was uneducated in this area as well as my sister Esmy who was her caregiver.

I still remember when we drove to Santa Barbara to see a Natural Pathic Dr.I remember him saying if we would have brought my mom earlier it would be possible he could remove her tumor naturally.Anyhow, I grew more passionate about health.Years later after my moms kidney was removed we were told she needed dialysis.We all hated the idea especially my mom.I remember Esmy searching for natural pathic Drs but we couldn't find one that was economic.I started to see how our mom would feel everytime she would go to dialysis.This was only helping her blood flow to survive but it was not bringing healing nor bringing solution.In fact, it was simply helping her do the work of her missing kidney.My heart dropped thinking of how her kidney function was slowly dropping.

I talked to my mom and said I would try to donate my kidney to her.After several attempts, the Dr. Said I was a match but was not able to donate due to my pre-diabetes.I remember I cried when I was told this.Nevertheless, I found out I could reverse it naturally.I attempted to do a raw fast but failed tremendously due to a lack of knowledge.

I decided to become vegetarian and after a year or so my boyfriend Mark introduced a 21 Day Raw Vegan Fast Challenge.We did it together but I extended mine to 30 days with my sister Esmy.I lost 15 pounds and when I went to my personal Dr. He said I had reversed my Pre-Diabetes.

Don't get me wrong, this did not happen in 30 days only.I had been a vegetarian for over a year then I did the fast.It was a journey filled with commitment, love, determination and dedication of hard work.Ultimately, to honor God with my body which is His, my mom whom I really wanted to save and my own health.My mom didn't like the idea.She was more worried about me than herself.I ended up convincing her that I would try again.After a conversation she decided to try a 21 day lifestyle center that would try to help her reverse and increase her kidney function.If this didn't work I would attempt to donate her my kidney again.

Unfortunately, we were only there 3 days when my mom passed away.Our whole world fell apart if it was not for the God she introduced us to we wouldn't function.I created a fundraiser and prayed for Gods will.I asked God to shut the doors and no one would donate if it wasn't his will but the donations kept coming.

The truth is, looking back my mom was slowly dying her kidney function was 4.5% and I still remember crying over another friend who was 26yrs old and died while giving birth to her baby girl.My mom cried with me two months before.I remember hugging her and said mom if I have not said this enough you are a miracle already we have never lost anyone this close please know that I'm not always perfect but I do love you and appreciate you.She hugged me back and said me chu with her broken cute english.

It has only been 6 months since she was taken to rest and I could never be the same again but with Gods help He will sustain us.I figured she would never want me to give up or my five sisters and her grandkids as well as grandkids

.My mom was a cancer survivor, domestic violence survivor, lost 6 babies out of 12 and yet she had a heart of gold, was the most humble, strongest person I knew and had the most inspiring sense of humor.My mom was the first in my family to get babtized and introduced us to her savior.She was the best example of a christlike character and always put Him 1st as well as her family.

She told me something powerful and moving a week before her passing.She got emotional and said mija, koko I think you will do amazing things after I die and she cried.I cried with her and said mom please do not say that we are going to fight for your life in this lifestyle center.I remember going in my room to weep and I said Lord I don't know everything but whatever happens please save my mommy & our whole family that's what's most important because those who die in Christ will live.

Looking back God gave me this moment.Growing up we were best friends.We may have bumped heads but I always wanted to make her proud and I will still do that for God and her.My goal is to help others with the little knowledge I have and has helped me.

My goal is to transition to a Vegan completely and doing a 30-Day Raw Fast helped me in reversing my Pre-Diabetes but if you want to reach the healthiest life you need to incorporate everything so it can be even more effective to your health.God who created our bodies also gave us a guide on how to take care of them.

The first sin that caused human to fall came through the mouth this tells me that Satan can also pervert my appetitite to where I will crave things that are not beneficial to my body ...

Sex isn't the only thing that can be addicting or destructive outside of marriage.The wrong foods can also destroy our health & lead to many diseases.Another thing, we need to guard all the avenues of our souls by guarding what we watch, listen to & dwell on.It all starts in our minds.

My personal goal is to continue to strive to follow these 8 laws of health & inspire others to do the same & live a healthier lifestyle preventing disease.If you would like me to send you a brochure I created to help you please email me at and I will email it to you with information of where you can send a small donation to continue to do what I do in Ministry.Thank you so much and God Bless you!

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