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Lockdown or Freedom?

Psalm 139:12

Even the darkness is not dark to You, And the night is as bright as the day Darkness and light are alike to You.

What were you doing before the lockdown due to Corona Virus? Were you working six or seven days a week and while working a full-time job attending college? Were you spending less and less time with your family and can hardly remember when was the very last time you prayed and talked to God? Maybe you lost your relationship with God because you were so busy trying to figure life out on your own?

Or maybe you are not married and as a single person you spend the majority of your time in your college books in a job you hate or worrying about your future? Let me tell you something...God has a way of getting our attention!

Romans 13:12

The night is almost gone, and the day is near Therefore let us lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.

We live in a world that is uncertain.The good news is, Our Gods love is certain and unfailing.Maybe your world was colorful and had never been black and white.Maybe you are the type of person that thought positive and always seem to have everything under control.Or maybe you were filled with blessings and had never encountered hardship? Maybe that was the problem.

Maybe having everything you thought you needed led you to neglect or abandon what was most important.Our relationship with God, our loved ones, our enemies especially ourselves?

Sometimes we are trapped and imprisoned

by our own choices in life and we need an intervention a spiritual lockdown. Trials or being in the dark and having no clue what is next? This is exactly where God wants us.Trials have a strange way of humbling us and teaching us to depend more on God.

Joel 2:2

A day of darkness and gloom, A day of clouds and thick darkness As the dawn is spread over the mountains, So there is a great and mighty people; There has never been anything like it, Nor will there be again after it To the years of many generations.

God uses trials to mold our characters to be more like Christ.We may feel helpless in the process.Corona Virus has swept the entire world and brought an awakening to believers and even non-believers.Everyone is asking themselves, "How will I Survive?" How will I protect myself and those whom I Love? How will I pay the Bill's if I lost my job? After this is over will I still be here? Is this the Govt trying to control us by reducing population especially the elderly? Is this about money and control? Etc..Etc...

The media is used by the enemy to create fear! Although, this epidemic is real God is greater! His perfect love casts out all fear! He is still in control and through faith in Him He can bring color back into a black and white world.

2 Samuel 22:29

"For You are my lamp, O LORD; And the LORD illumines my darkness.

Nomatter how dark this situation may seem He is our Lamp.His Word is a lamp to our feet and illuminates the darkness.This world will pass away but His Word forever stands and this includes His promises.

The world may call this a lockdown but I call it Freedom.Freedom to examine our hearts.Freedom to meditate on what we were doing with our time.Freedom to spend more quality time with God and family.Freedom to thing clearer and allow God to speak to us personally now that He has our attention.Maybe we were too busy to listen or too busy to care.But God is saying to us...I want to set you Free...I am allowing this to happen to break through your walls. To show you that you need me more than you realize.This is not a lockdown it is the beginning of a new relationship with me.

Job 19:8

"He has walled up my way so that I cannot pass, And He has put darkness on my paths.

This is the season of repentance, self examination and spiritual restoration.God is trying to refine us like gold in the fire.He wants us to feel helpless because it is in this position that we recognize Him as our only solution.He is our Lord and Savior the only one who can save us from this mess.The only one who can calm the storm.Therefore, let's change our perspective and Thank God for growing pains that only lead us to recognize our own sinful condition and helplessness so we can humble ourselves to depend and surrender completely to His power, love, mercy and grace.May He grow our Faith during this season & May we continue to be a light to those around us in Jesus name, Amen.

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