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Human Wisdom Vs. Divine Wisdom

Human Wisdom vs Divine wisdom

We don’t value time until we run out of it. We don’t appreciate good people until their gone. We don’t value health until we abuse our temples & get sick. We don’t appreciate sanity until we lose it. We don’t appreciate God is enough until we realize our will only leads to emptiness.We take true love for granted in exchange for self gratification or deceitful counterfeits.We take advantage of others generosity and patience until we realize we may never come across this grace from God again. We abuse forgiveness because we think we have more time to repent and completely surrender. We are selfish at heart. We do not know how to live because we have not learned how to love. 😭 #1John4:8

“He who does not love does not know God for God is love.” 1 John 4:8

I tend to be emotional.I love to pray and write in these moments because I feel this is when I am mostly in tune with the Holy Spirit! Some may say it’s a woman thing to be sensitive. I believe it is a Jesus thing.Expressing our hearts and being transparent is brave.We fear being real because most of us fear rejection. Doing so though, is not a weakness but a strength. This world teaches us that in order to be accepted or fit in we must comply to a worldly standard and please the human eye or perspective but God’s Word tells us His power is made perfect in our weakness. If the world rejects us simply because we are genuinely honest and speak the truth of what the Holy Spirit places in our hearts then it shows how easily we can be deceived for lack of discernment.Sadly, most people reject truth and are more accepting of lies. It is too uncomfortable to receive truth because then we are held accountable so living in a lie has become a comfort zone. I think as much as it hurts us we should want transparency! Being real about our own human condition takes courage and humility. The Bible tells us the truth shall set us free!🔥

Dear Father, we come before you to thank you for everything! Help us truly repent. Not take time for granted to abide in your perfect will! Forgive us for our sins. Give us your heart and your mind to love you, ourselves and others as you would want us to. In Jesus name, Amen! 🙏♥️🔥

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