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Have you ever lost a parent or both? 🙏

Good Morning! ☀️

Have you ever lost a parent or both?

If so, I am glad we can relate🙌♥️🙏

No one will ever know what it’s like to lose parents until you experience it yourself.

First of all, we must learn to endure and learn to live with that pain and without them on this Earth. Everyone copes differently to pain. Some shut down completely, others disconnect, some fake the smile, Some become bitter, some occupy themselves with other things to avoid remembering, some play the blame game, blame themselves or eachother, some stay in denial or think of a million ways we could have done different. Some unite or disunite as a family. Some draw closer to God others become distant from God.Some stop singing or living there purpose. A light switch is turned off.

After a while, we have two choices to keep it off or turn it back on and it’s ok to go through the process but never stay there. Our parents accomplished there purpose. Now it’s our turn. We can choose to leave the light switch off or turn it back on with Gods help and God can turn our mess into a message and our test into a testimony. Our trials into triumphs and give us victory even in our loss. Learn and grow from it and allow God to use our pain for His Glory!

Most of all, you choose to forgive and cry endlessly and laugh endlessly remembering all the good and bad times you spend with them and the lessons you learned and continue to learn and grow from. Some choose unforgiveness which only leads to bitterness and self-destruction and the tortureous questions of what you could have done better ? Which really there is only one good lesson you can get from that and that is to live your life better than before and honor God and make your parents life worth living because the only thing that truly matters in the end is not how you start but the legacy you leave on earth when you die.

Some cope one or two ways. Some go through all of these ways in different ocassions which come and go and it can become so unhealthy, tortureous and emotionally draining, stressful and depressing leaving us feeling helpless and hopeless messing with our faith and trust in God. Emotions do that. They can drain us if we let them take control of our lives. But the best way I have coped is learning to trust in Gods promises and His Sovereignty of being in control of our lives and time itself even when I don’t understand the full picture because truly this is what faith truly is. To remain still and know He is God while learning to be discerning in our emotions and allowing God to use our pain and losses for His Glory and thanking Him fur caring enough about our pain that He send Jesus so He can save us and no longer experience pain of death again 🔥

King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time for every season. A time to cry and time to be happy but scripture reminds us that although a crushed spirit or pain may remain in the night joy comes in the morning. You see, it goes much deeper than just a regular morning day. The Bible teaches in 1 Thessalonians chapter 4, that when Jesus comes again the dead in Christ will rise first and those who are still alive and remained faithful will rise up in the air to meet him.

Here on Earth 🌎 it’s all temporary. Sadly, even our lives due to sin but Jesus came to die for our sins so that we can be saved and live out our purpose. Satan wants to rob us of our God-given purpose but God send his son Jesus so that we can follow him, abide in him and allow Him to come into our hearts ♥️ and live out his life in us and through us so that others can know him too and be saved.

Loss was never Gods plan. We weren’t meant to just live and die. As painful as loss is we must trust in His promises of resurrection. For those reading my long post on loss. I hope I’m vulnerable enough to make you feel better and stronger knowing that your not alone in your pain and that there is hope In seeing our loved ones again we just need to trust that there is nothing that happens in this world without Gods permission and May God reveal Himself in our seasons of loss.His word says that His power is made perfect in our weakness 🦋♥️🎶🔥

Dear Father,

Thank you that even though losing a parent causes us to feel like orphans your word promises that you will never leave us like orphans and that you will never leave us nor forsake us in our time of need. Thank you that your presence brings joy and holy spirit brings comfort during loss. Thank you that your power is being made perfect in our weakness and your molding us into the image of your son who endured the cross so we can be saved. Help us to make it as well as our families in Jesus name Amen! ♥️

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