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Have you ever felt satans presence? (Psalms 27:4)

Psalm 27:4 🥰

One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple


Have you ever felt satans presence? Maybe not to it’s fullest extent but have you ever been in a dark place? Think about the times you have experienced peace while listening to a Christian song or read an encouraging scripture? You were inspired, you felt God’s heart and His peace...What about those times you have felt so angry you didn’t think and hurt somebody? Or you harbored so much bitterness in your heart you became a negative person in general? People who harbor negative unhealthy emotions will see the world from a different lens. We become changed by what we behold. That’s biblical!

I was just contemplating on life this morning.We are living in crucial times. The beginning of the end. And Most of us are so worried about Corona we forget we already carry a disease called sin which leads to death.Unforgiveness, resentment. anger, wrath, lust, the pride of life etc..

There all killing us slowly. All these things make us very sick physically, mentally and spiritually.It has been proven that holding grudges for years increases anxiety, depression and harboring negative emotions in general affect our bodies physically, mentally and emotionally but especially spiritually. Yet, we have become so acquainted with these emotions we have become accustomed in living in satans presence. Scary right? We have become disensitized and need more of Gods Holy Spirit to realize the intensity of our sins.

I literally went through something recently that brought up these emotions again and although I failed in my response to this trial I couldn’t remain in that dark place.It caused me to shift from a good place to a dark place. I don’t like being in a dark place because I love God and His presence is my favorite place to be. I had to literally decide to pull myself out of it with God’s help because I got to experience what it feels like to feel anger, wrath and unforgiveness in a deeper level than ever before and I didn’t like those feelings at all because that’s out of Gods character and honestly I love Gods character more. All those things are satans character.

Also learned that just because we get out of character doesn’t mean we remain there. We must strive to always get back up and be like Christ.Some of us don’t do that we choose to stay there but I had not felt these negative emotions to the extent that I felt them and when I did I didn’t like that place because I have been in the Lord so long I know what His character is really like and I rather be in that place better. It is peaceful. It is rest. Fullness of joy. True love & everything my heart needs. I would rather harbor positive thoughts resting in His promises than live in the place where Satan lives. Now I understand my mother.

My mother taught us to forgive people. She specifically told me that she didn’t want us to grow up and be bitter or hateful. To leave everything in Gods hands. Sometimes silence is more. If people want to hurt you, harbor negative emotions, be bitter and reject you or condemn you there is nothing more you can do but pray for them to grow spiritually but I expect more from you she said because you know Jesus more. My mom always expected more from me and although I didn’t fully get it back then now I do. This is who she was. She was meek and lowly in heart. The very person that hurt her the most she never denied him a meal and she taught us to love him in the midst of it all and that’s the only reason I can now have a relationship with him and that is my father. And I forgave him long ago. I have peace. I love my dad with all my heart.

After a year of my moms passing, my dad almost died during his first two surgeries at 80 years old.Here I was crying. I had absolutely no resentment in my heart just a lot of love for him. I didn’t want him to die. I love that place so much because it is where Gods heart is. God loves us so much he send his only begotten son so we can all be saved. He was willing to die for filthy sinners like us.I see my dad as Gods child. We have all been broken in some way as I learned my dads story I understood the depth of why he did certain things. I didn’t excuse the behavior but certain things affect us all differently mentally and emotionally.

Both my mom and dad had a rough childhood and didn’t receive the appropriate mental health which affected their children. Make sense? But God...He desires to Heal His Land! Heal our brokeness, our sins, set us free from all these bondages that keep us from experiencing a truly abundant life filled with love and peace that surpasses all understanding and only He can give. Are you in that place now? Are you ready to give it all to God? To surrender it all? To live in peace? To forgive? To let go and let God? To choose joy over bitterness? I know I am! I want his heart ♥️ Do you?

Father in heaven, thank you that you don’t hold resentment toward us. You are truly loving and forgiving and love us so deeply with a love we don’t fully understand nor decerve that you send your own son to die for us and Jesus loves us so much that He himself said no one takes my life I lay it down... We desire your heart Lord please help us to know you more and love you more so we can love others genuinely the way you love us. Please forgive us for the times we have chosen darkness over light and sin over life. Give us renewed tokens of wisdom. Increase our faith and give us supernatural vision to see everything from your eye lense and heavenly perspective! In Jesus name heal your land and your people and help us be saved! Amen! 🙏

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