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Facebook or Faithbook? (10 Reasons People Fast from Facebook or Social Media)

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

After earnest prayer whether I should take off my FB permanently or not I realized that having FB is not the issue.The real issue is in us.Finding Balance is the goal in our walk with Jesus! Making sure He is 1st & all we do is to Glorify Him above all. These are the main issues people deal with when thinking of deleting social media.It is different with everyone though.These are just a few! *Your Addicted to it. ~It has took over your devotional time, morning prayer, Bible study, relationships, real in person connections and interactions etc.. * Cheating/ Disrespect...Alot of porn here and temptations for those struggling with lust or infedelity just being real.The things we do on social media reveal true inner struggles that can easily be cherished on social media when we keep looking and do not turn away from or block but continue to like whether it is in secret or without shame.(Double-mindedness) *Texting long conversations in replacement of actual phone or in person.Texting can be perceived differently depending on each person's different perspective which can often lead to disagreements people getting offended upset or discouraged and satan's goal is to cause division.Perceptions vary although the ultimate goal is to have the Mind of Christ. *Photoshoots of the perfect life.Many can be genuinely just Praising God for his blessings to inspire but others can be trying to project there life as attractive to a virtual world when in reality they can be struggling to be happy and are even depressed. * Depression/Loneliness You view other peoples happy lives and start to feel as though God has forgotten you.Although, half those people may not have a perfect life, are not truly happy and go through similar battles we all go through everyday because they are human just like you and I but wise enough to keep their life private. *To Find Healing Some people need to heal without distractions or misconceptions that can interfere with our Spiritual Health & in order to pour out we must be filled with the Holy Ghost.Social media Ministry must be taken seriously if were not healed in certain areas we will post our negative feelings, thoughts & opinions more than God, His Word and promises. *To think clearer & Refocus It is hard to Focus on personal Goals and accomplish them when we wake up to Fb, Post all Day & Sleep on FB (Admit it that's you too Jk) Scrolling on everyone's life is so time consuming especially if you have so many other priorities.While it is good to invest in others eventually others will learn that God is their ultimate sufficiency, counselor, friend, faithful father and more.We can pray and help others in the faith only as we allow our personal time with God be the essence that leads to the building of the church.In other words, God is our main source we humans are infallible and cannot fix it like Jesus. *Placing Pedestals on Christian Leaders For example, you send a messege for prayer to a Christian leader & get offended because they did not see their messeges about an important prayer petition.Trust me, I have been there and it is always easy to assume or judge.Paying for others is a blessing but remember humans are not always available but in those moments remember God is available 24hrs and He is our ultimate sufficiency ♡ *Casting Down Imaginations Example: "Did u see what so & so posted? They meant that toward me ....Reading too much into posts can be dangerous...Your mind is the devils playground often times satan creates things in our imagination that don't exist and at times your discernment from the Holy Spirit may be on point but why worry when God knows and He puts everything in the right place when we have the right attitude of prayer by fighting evil with good. *Spiritual Debates If we have social media Ministry we Should use wisdom by avoiding controversial topics that become debates.And Babies in Christ can get discouraged. Anyhow, these are just 10 reasons! If you all have anymore please feel free to share and comment below.If you feel convicted to take a break or simple level your time and set boundaries learn to listen to God's voice! I will be taking my break as well as setting boundaries.Praying God helps me meditate on His Word more by setting priorities with His time as well.Our time is a gift that belongs to God and it is so important to use it wisely.

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