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Ever been Betrayed or rejected?

Ever been betrayed by those closest to you?

It is heart-breaking, discouraging & sometimes causes anger that can often provoke retaliation snd even bitter feelings against someone especially someone you have forgiven & supported over & over. It is even more shocking when family does it to you.

Imagine how Jesus felt when he was hated, rejected, condemned, spit on, humiliated, tortured and killed by his very own? Those whom He was dying for? Imagine dying knowing some of those people your laying your life for will never correspond your love? Will never love you back nor appreciate the gift of your life in exchange for theirs? That right there is the most inspiring event!

Jesus knew yet His love was so great that He took that chance that whosoever believed in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.(John 3:16) When we as humans compare our love to His there is no comparison. His undecerved love awakens love. It is powerful enough to change a stony heart into a heart of flesh.Do you want to love like this? I know I do! 1 John 4:8 Says that he who does not love does not know God for God is love.

Often times, When people betray they are really betraying themselves.The principle of integrity is a God.given gift that speaks in itself. "What we reap we will sew.." We all have a choice.We all have free will.We all understand that in order to grow in Christ we must evaluate the condition of our own individual hearts and sometimes the only way we can see our condition is through trials. Trials mold us and reveal what’s inside. So we can humble ourselves and pray as King David prayed."Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me."

When God exposes our character defects within us to ourselves He does it slowly and not all at once. If He did it all at once we would not bear to see how much evil actually exist in there. God in His mercy reveals what we can handle and allows trials to prune us so that we can humble ourselves and surrender them to Him that He may help us overcome them.The Word tells us that "He who covers His sin will not prosper." In order to grow we must accept our sinful condition and learn to abide in Jesus.See ourselves and others through His spiritual eyesight with the eyes of Christ and not with our eyes of flesh. God did not create evil but He allows sin to take it’s full course so we can see how damaging sin truly is in our lives and we can break away from the bondages that keep us away from true freedom in Him.

God is a just God and although certain things may seem wrong or unfair in life. God who knows everyone's hearts. He will give to each His own recompense.The Bible tells us that where our heart is there our treasures will be also.Since I can remember as a child and even as an adult I was always touched by the way my mother handled life.My mother learn from Christ character. Since I could remember she faced lifes challenges and trials with so much strength, humility, courage, compassion and forgiveness.She never paid evil for evil. She fought evil with good and fought battles through prayer, serving God and others.

Although, she was broken herself she knew where her source came from.She knew where to run to first. Since I was a child and even as an adult I was not always the best daughter in the world and neither were my five older sisters but even through the bad character traits and the rebelliousness at times she loved us through it. She loved us through it and unconditionally believed in us. Her love never failed because it was the love of God in her. She gave us tough love but always offered both love and grace.

Truth is, I saw and witnessed both love and grace in her character which reflected God's.She viewed herself as such a weak person but I saw a very strong person. She would often state she only had a second grade education but she was the wisest person ever! She had been hurt by so many by people including my father but she always showed him love, mercy and grace. She always asked us to take our burdens to God and not allow unforgiveness or bitterness to consume our faith.

So many of us place high and unreachable standards on eachother before we can show love or acceptance not realizing that we are being more condemning than loving.It is like we place ourselves in a high horse of some kind of spiritual caliber to humiliate others in order to feel in control and more powerful. This is not of Christ but the antichrist Spirit. To condemn those whom dont meet our standards and Gods is almost like hitting people on the head with the Bible. It is almost like we put on a form of godliness to cover up the true evilness in our hearts but God wants us to take off the form of godliness and put on His robe of righteousness. We didn’t earn this robe but He gave it to us when He died on the cross as a gift of grace He died for our sins so we can love Him and abide in Him. Develope a relationship with Him and allow Him to save us daily through His righteousness and not our own. Nothing we can do could ever earn anything but as we surrender daily He does it through us.

We sin in our self-righteousness when we choose bitterness, wrath, unforgiveness & vindictiveness. We must never ever take vengeance in your own hands.As tempting as it may be.It can be easy to retaliate in the flesh. Been there many times. It is a daily battle but God says the vengeance is mine. God is in control.When we choose to abode by His example.It may seem like people get away with bad things under the sky but God will leave nothing unnoticed _Each word spoken or action we do God is keeping a record and may our prayers be Dear Lord prepare us for Jesus 2nd Coming♡

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