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Ever asked God His purpose for your life?

Ever asked God to show you your purpose? What if he showed you a glimpse but will never fully know?

Let me explain.What if your purpose was to die for a great cause? Like Jesus himself being the son of God died for the world.The difference between us and Jesus is that Jesus knew His purpose and He said no one takes my life I lay it down.So we know somewhat our purpose at times when it comes to what we are passionate about but what if we cannot see the full picture of our purpose? Will we still choose to trust in His perfect plans?

The Bible helps us understand in a deeper capacity that we are here for something way bigger than ourselves.What if you were born for such a time as this like Queen Esther in the Bible who's real name was hanassa but had to hide her identity because during that time Jews were getting killed but when the King falls deeply inlove with her she is able to save her people.What if you were born in a time such as these we are living in to step out of our comfort zone and stand for truth.Martin Luther King and many others in history were killed for standing up for truth.Although, we live in a world where evil exists and standing up for truth may lead to death? Just like Jesus we will be ressurected in His return to live forever.What if you were born to simply give birth to a child who will make a difference in this world?

What if your purpose was to rescue people from human traficking or adopt a child or be a wife to a man of God whom will be used to preach the good news powerfully ? What if you were born to do something you never even planned but God places that new desire in you? You see, when we connect with God our desires that are not in accordance to Gods plans start to die and new desires are planted in our hearts by His Holy Spirit.As we abide in Him we become vessels for His Glory!

The Bible tells us that we are here temporarily to learn and abide in His ways and preach the good news.We are living in the last days.Have you truly asked God what he wants for your life? Talk to God ask him through prayer and fasting and dont be afraid to listen to His voice.The safest place to live and die is doing His will.If you have been struggling like I have at times to truly hear his voice feel free to send any prayer request! I will pray for you.We will never fully know our purpose but as long as we walk with Him we will live forever even if we die on earth.

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