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"Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover" (Galatians 6:9) 

Years ago, God used me to minister to a homeless man who had just escaped a mental hospital because he had tried to kill himself.He was drunk and hungry.The Holy Spirit prompted me to go help him and ask if he needed food but since I was alone at a gas station pumping gas at 9pm I was like...Lord Seriously? I shuckled and prayed silently that if it was truly Him, he would prompt this homeless man to reach out to me and he did.He asked me for a sandwich and with all transparency also asked me for a Beer.Ofcourse I told him I would not get him a beer but only food.

I had just got a job at Van Nuys so I was greatful I was able to help more homeless since I had started my personal Ministry Mas De Ti Ministries - MDT Ministries with that purpose.To help orphans, Drug Addicts, people who suffer with Mental illness and suicidal or depressed individuals.So it was interesting God would continue to place people in my life that I can somehow connect with in this condition. Anyhow, this brother whom I was blessed to meet & help minister to used to be an evangelist himself.He used to preach in the jails but fell into temptation & his wife left he got depressed & tried to end his life.The interesting is, when I brought him food & he led out in prayer rather than allowing me to lead out & God revealed to me the reason why he tried to kill himself which really got to him he began to cry because I brought him a blanket & food for days but mainly because I offered my phone number and began to Speak the words of life God gave me for him.As I was speaking He was weeping.I told him if he needed anything at all to call me.I said God had Huge plans for him but satan was trying to destroy his calling.

The next day, He decided to call me.His exact words were..."Sister Maria, I don't remember your face because I was so drunk but what I do remember is you helping me & the Words you spoke into my Spirit were so timing & powerful." No longer in the streets decided to move in my parents house in Littlerock.I want to attend your church I want more of God. He attended my church for a month.My guy friend would give him a ride every Sabbath.I gave him the book "Steps To Christ" to congratulate him.He said wow I was given this book years ago while going to the jail to Minister but never finished it.I was an awe like Wow Lord you truly love this man.

He ends up going back with his wife & moving away.I don't see him for years.Just yesterday I bumb into him.I asked him a question and recognized his face.Oh my goodness I said....I know you! I said his full name he said wow you even remember my name I said ofcourse I do.I have been praying for you all these years.How are you doing now? He said well still having challenges but the good thing is I overcame drugs I'm clean.He asked if we still gather at my home church maybe he will come around sometime.I said Praise God your free brother it was nice bumping into you I know God wanted me to know that prayer works so I can keep praying.We said goodbye and went along our way...

I share this to encourage and inspire you to listen to the voice of God.I know it can be difficult to discern Gods voice at times but when you do and you see His plan coming into fluition your faith grows when you realize why He gave you that divine appointment or why He prompted you to speak to that one person or stranger.He loves humanity so much He desires to save us and will use any means in life to do so.

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