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Discretion will protect you & understanding will guard you. Proverbs 2:11 

Discretion will protect you and understanding will guard you." Proverbs 2:11 The Bible refers to Discretion as protection.It is not saying to not trust at all but to be wise on who you open upto.Sometimes as humans we show our deepest vulnerabilities with just anyone without first praying for God's guidance & observing whether others are trustworthy.Get to know people first before opening up your deepest thoughts, most intimate fears & emotions.Some people don't know how to handle it correctly nor will value the trust freely given of the most intimate parts of you as God would unless they have reached a mature level of spiritual maturity to where they empathize with you & can pray & encourage. On the other hand, God is a whole different story.. No one can love us the way He does completely.God will see the best when some may see a mess.Gods power is made perfect in our weaknesses &.It takes really LOYAL HEARTS & HUMBLE FRIEDSHIPS who are truly connected to Jesus to truly VALUE your most intimate self without a Critical Spirit.Before you give your trust away to anyone make sure that they truly got your back first. Make sure that you feel safe not judged.Protected not neglected and most of all respected not disrespected.Honored not more shamed or humiliated.Gods Spirit lifts you up satans spirit puts you down.God's Spirit will encourage satan's Spirit will gossip. God loves us unconditionally. His love honors us even in those moments we fail He lifts us.We can tell him everything without fear of judgement because He will always speak life into us not death.His love will always meet us all where we are but because He loves us He will never leave us there. He will inspire us to be more like Him.And because he created our hearts and understands our most intimate desires He will always be our sufficiency because He is the only one who can fill our deepest desires.Give your heart to Him daily and see that He never fails. He will never leave us nor forsake us.He has our back till the end. In fact, Jesus left heaven to come to this Earth because He believes your that valuable & worth it.He fights for you daily from the enemy.He defends you. He created nature to remind us of his love.He left us a love letter in scripture.He sees our perks, flaws and imperfections daily as a powerful testimony & witness because He created us to be more than Conquerers with Jesus Christ.More than the human eye can see and that is what we should all embrace as our identity everyday rather than allow anyone else to define our true worth. We are more than what the enemy says.Reprogram your mind.Embrace the TRUTH not the LIES.Trust Him to guide you when to SPEAK & NOT SPEAK.To practice speaking WORDS OF LIFE TO YOURSELF & OTHERS.WISDOM is important.To be wise as a serpent yet harmless as a dove because He desires to see us all grow spiritually and not everyone we open up to will be a spiritual mentor or guide but bring you more shame and make u feel worse than when you started.So again, be careful what you are absorbing in your Spirit.If it is not from the Lord reject it in Jesus name and only accept what's truly from God's heart.

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