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Welcome to Koko Venegas Music, a unique blog here for you to explore. Koko Venegas is a Christian Singer/Songwriter, Photographer & Blogger as well as Founder of Mas De Ti Ministries-MDT.A Ministry she started in 2012 to help those in need.She is also a youth leader & enjoys praying, mentoring & working with teenagers & young adults.She is a Bible Worker. Loves Missionary work & has a passion for writing! She Hope's to be a blessing by sharing her personal experiences with those who can relate & get through this lifes journey together with the help of God! Whatever you purchase will help me continue doing what I love to do! Thank you & God Bless You! 


Ever been Betrayed or rejected?

Ever been betrayed by those closest to you? It is heart-breaking, discouraging & sometimes causes anger that can often provoke...

Have you ever lost a parent or both? 🙏

Good Morning! ☀️ Have you ever lost a parent or both? If so, I am glad we can relate🙌♥️🙏 No one will ever know what it’s like to lose...

Human Wisdom Vs. Divine Wisdom

Human Wisdom vs Divine wisdom We don’t value time until we run out of it. We don’t appreciate good people until their gone. We don’t...